can you pressure wash a shingle roof

Whether you are cleaning your cedar roof or an asphalt roof, you will need to apply some kind of algaecide before you begin pressure washing. These solutions are generally in the form of sodium hypochlorite.

Avoid pressure washing “specialists” who say they can safely clean your asphalt roof

Whether you are considering selling your home or looking to improve its appearance, a clean roof is an important part of your property. A dirty, unclean roof can be a deterrent to potential buyers. It can also increase the cooling costs in your home. Having a clean, moss-free roof will also help to protect you from the damaging effects of moisture and heat.

If you decide to power clean your asphalt shingle roof, make sure you use the right methods. Pressure washing may cause damage to your shingles.

If you are unsure how to safely clean your roof, contact a local contractor. These contractors have the expertise to remove stains and mold from your roofing shingles. They can also clean tree sap and other debris from your roof.

High pressure water removes important and valuable resin from cedar roofs

Using high pressure water to wash off your cedar shakes can be a bad idea. This is because you may be removing important roofing materials such as felt, asphalt, and shingles. You might even erode wood fences and concrete surfaces. The cost of recollecting large quantities of abrasive material might be prohibitively expensive.

The best way to do this is to hire a professional cedar shake roof cleaner. The best cedar shake roofs are the ones that are maintained properly by replacing broken shakes with new ones and avoiding excessive water saturation. This is because water will travel directly onto the frame supporting the roof.

Using the best cedar shake roof cleaning solution will ensure that you won’t have to worry about water getting into the interior of your house. There is also a better chance that you will not have to replace your roof in the near future, saving you thousands of dollars in the process.

Sodium hypochlorite is the most common form of algaecide used in the pressure washing industry

Sodium hypochlorite is a common chemical used in soft washing. It is an effective disinfectant and is also commonly used as a bleach. When mixed with a surfactant, it can act as a sanitizer. The chemical is available in various forms.

It is sold as a liquid and as a granular product. Some contain additives to help reduce odor. It can be diluted in water and poured directly on tile, gunite, and other surfaces.

It is also sold as an alkalinity increaser. It is packaged as pH Plus.

It is a chlorine gas with two atoms bonded to nitrogens. It has a 55% chlorine content. The chlorine dissociates into cyanuric acid and hypochlorus acid.

It is the main disinfectant in swimming pools. It is also a stabilizer. It is effective at a wide pH range.

Power washing a dirty surface can be good for your roof

Using power washing techniques to clean a shingle roof is an effective and inexpensive way to enhance the appearance of your home. Not only can it be used to restore damaged shingles, but it can also protect your home from water damage.

While it may be tempting to do it yourself, it is best to leave this task to the professionals. A professional exterior cleaning company can remove the most obvious stains while leaving your home looking new and inviting.

While you’re at it, make sure you have the right safety equipment. A pressure washer is a powerful tool, and if not operated properly can cause damage to your home.

You’ll need a high quality nozzle to get solid results. The right nozzle will not only make the process easier, but will also help you to get the most out of your investment.

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