A soft wash on your roof is a safer alternative to harsh pressure washing. High pressure blasts of water can damage the surface materials on your home’s roof, and soft washing allows you to control the pressure and get the job done. Using a soft wash is also more affordable than using high pressure roof cleaning services.


Water for roof cleaning soft wash is an environmentally friendly option for roof cleaning. This method does not use harsh chemicals and can be used on any type of roof. The main ingredient is sodium percarbonate. It starts working as soon as it comes into contact with water. It works by breaking down stains and residue to prevent further growth. It is biodegradable and ideal for cleaning wood shake roofs and asphalt shingles.

Soft washing is a safe, eco-friendly option that uses low pressure and doesn’t damage the surface. The cleaning solution contains special detergents that dislodge dirt and algae from roof surfaces without stripping paint. It is important to mix the appropriate chemicals properly. Excessive chemicals may damage the roof, while too little may not clean the roof thoroughly.


Bleach is a common ingredient in roof cleaning soft wash solutions. It’s an effective cleaning agent, but it also has several disadvantages. Not only does bleach degrade wood, shingles and other building materials, but it can also cause a harsh odor. Some soft wash solutions even contain biocides to reduce the odor. Bleach is a powerful alkaline chemical that can kill living organisms, so using it safely is critical.

When cleaning a roof with bleach, it’s important to avoid contact with plants or trees. You can use tarps or 8-foot-wide, 1.5 mil clear plastic to protect bushes and flowers from exposure to the cleaning solution. Alternatively, you can hire a professional roof cleaner to take care of the cleaning for you.

Sodium hypochlorite

If you are considering using Sodium Hypochlorite for roof cleaning, you should make sure that you use the right amount. If the chemical is not used correctly, it can deteriorate your asphalt shingles and clothes. However, when used in the right concentrations, it can be used to clean your roof without harming your property.

One of the most effective ways to clean your roof is to mix a solution of Sodium Hypochlorite with water. The mixture should be applied to the roof and left to dwell for about 15 to 20 minutes. If necessary, you can extend this dwell time by a few hours.


When using biocide in roof cleaning, make sure the biocide is applied liberally, and that the biocide is allowed to sit on the surface for a minimum of seven days. To prevent any risks of exposure, use protective PPE such as impermeable gloves, chemical-resistant clothing, and a face shield while applying the biocide. In addition, keep the public away from the treated area. After the biocide has been applied, rinse all application equipment with fresh water. Do not allow the rinse water to flow into surface drains or flowerbeds.

When biocides are used in soft wash roof cleaning, they act as catalysts, killing algae cells and spores. Some of these chemicals are naturally occurring, while others are synthetically manufactured. Some soft wash roof cleaners also use soaps as additional surfactants, and these soaps can kill spores of algae and moulds.


Soft wash roof cleaning is a type of roof cleaning method that uses a low-pressure process to remove algae, mold spores, and other contaminants. It works by using a mix of soaps and chemicals as a surfactant and a catalyst, killing algae cells.

Soft-washing uses algaecide solutions that are made to kill algae on roofs and prevent future growth for up to two years. The process takes a few minutes and restores a roof to its original condition. Additionally, it prolongs the lifespan of a roof and increases its curb appeal. In contrast, standard high-pressure roof cleaning methods cause damage to roof materials and often fail to remove algae and other organic growth from their source.

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