Concrete Patio Power Washing

What to Consider Before Power Washing Patio Pavers?

Power washing patio pavers is a great way to extend the life of your paver’s surface. The process will remove dirt and grime, as well as any other organic material that may have accumulated on the surface over time. It also removes any stubborn stains you might have noticed. But before you get started, there are some things you should consider!

  1. Discuss the process with your insurance company first! If you have a solid surface, such as a brick or concrete paver patio, you might be required to power wash your patio annually by your insurance policy. It is possible that some insurers will recognize the cleanliness of a properly maintained solid surface and not require this task to be performed annually. However, you should check with your insurance company to be sure!

    Power washing patio pavers
    Power washing patio pavers
  2. Make sure you have all the right supplies before getting started. Most power washing machines come equipped with multiple sprayers so that you can reach all areas of your surface without having to move or reposition your machine during the cleaning process. Make sure to inspect each sprayer to ensure it is properly connected.
  3. Protect your surrounding areas with drop cloths, plastic sheeting or tarps. You don’t want any stray sprayers or pressure washing water damaging the surrounding area of your patio! Also, be sure to frequently rinse off the sides and top of your power washing machine so that you do not damage the machine while you are cleaning your patio.
  4. Be sure to remove any furniture from the area that will be power washed
  5. Check for loose stones or bricks before starting to clean! You should regularly inspect your solid surface surfaces, including pavers, natural stone, concrete and brick for any loosened pieces or cracked bricks. Repair or replace these items before attempting to power wash your surface.
  6. Discuss the pressure washing process with all responsible adults who will be on the property during the cleaning process! This is especially important if you have children, pets or small groups of people in your home at any time while you are cleaning your patio pavers. Make sure that younger children are not permitted to enter the spray area, and make sure your animals are not able to wander into the cleaning area.

    Power washing patio pavers
    Power washing patio pavers
  7. Consider professional power washing services if you have a large job or don’t feel confident in the machine setup process at all! You can hire a professional service company to come out and clean your patio for an affordable price if you feel unsure about how to set up a power washing machine or if you have a large patio that would take a very long time to clean.
  8. You can use an organic cleaner for your paver’s surface before power washing! Try using warm water and soap instead of any chemical cleaners, especially if you are working with natural stone pavers. For pavers that are colored, it is best to perform a test on a small area before using any cleaner on your complete patio paver surface.
  9. Make sure you have full access to your power washing machine’s electrical source! You don’t want to be stuck in one location with an uncharged battery! If the weather is extremely hot, you should consider moving the machine to a shaded location for a while to keep it cool. You may also consider placing a fan near the power washing machine if the weather is extremely hot to help increase circulation around your patio paver surface and power cleaning machine.
  10. Don’t forget that regular pressure washing will only get rid of organic dirt and grime! You should discuss any stubborn stains with a professional before attempting to remove them on your own.

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