Many homes in Virginia have a well instead of city or county water sources. And if your home is in need of a cleaning, power washing may be on your mind. Power Washing is a great way to get your exterior cleaned but it does require a lot of water. If you are planning to clean your roof, or any concrete around the home, significantly more water is required. We want to help protect your well and keep your water running in your home.

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Does Your Well Have Enough Pressure to Power Wash?

When thinking about power washing your home, it is important to know if your well pump can produce enough pressure to clean the whole home and handle professional power washing equipment. If your home has a low yield well, and you choose to power wash without taking the proper procedures or calling a professional company, you can run out of water in the home, do major damage to your pump and also cause major damage to our equipment. A general rule of thumb is to recall in the past year, have you had issues with your water pressure in the house? Can you run the dish washer and shower at the same time? Can you run several loads in the washing machine and then water the garden? While this is not the hard and fast rule, it should give you a good idea of the pressure and capacity from your well.

How to Protect Your Well While Power Washing

There are several ways you can protect your well and water supply while power washing. If you are choosing to power wash by yourself, we highly suggest that you do small portions of the home each day. Perhaps two sides one day, and the other two sides another day. Then the porch and deck another day. This will allow your well to refill and prevent overworking.
If you are hiring a professional power washing company to clean your home, be sure to ask about their plan for homes with wells. Here at Red Door Pro Wash, we bring a water trailer to all homes who have a well. We alternate our water source from your home to our water trailer frequently throughout the wash. This allows us to protect your pump and to ensure there is a steady flow of water to protect our machines. We also offer the option of not connecting to your home’s water and solely using our water trailer. Homeowners who are uncertain of their water pressure or have concerns about its ability to keep up can select that option with a small price difference.

Our top priority is protecting your home.

We understand you want to get the work done quickly and you want to save money. Our priority is protecting your home and we want you to know that risking any damage to your well could cost you significantly. Using your well for too long or drying up your well could mean replacing your pump. According to Home Advisor, the average cost of replacing a well pump is almost $1700, not to mention the inconvenience of not having water in the home until you can get that pump replaced. If you are concerned about your well’s capacity or pressure, it is best to hire a professional power washing company like Red Door Pro Wash. We have cleaned almost a thousand homes on well water and we want to make sure you don’t need to spend $1700 on a new pump just so you can have a clean house.

Power Washing With A Well - Fredericksburg Va

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