Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Vinyl Siding Looking New

How to care for your vinyl siding. Vinyl is a great alternative to traditional wood in homes in the Northeast where snow and ice are a constant threat to exterior walls. But even with snow and ice, there are many things you can do to keep the life of your vinyl siding going strong! Here are five tips for pressure washing vinyl siding to keeping your vinyl siding looking new.

Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding
Home in Fredericksburg After Power Washing

1) Clean your siding

One of the most important things you can do to keep your vinyl looking great is clean it. When exterior vinyl gets dirty, it does not look its best! Make sure to wipe down your siding with soap and water at least once every spring for a good cleaning. The best way to remove stubborn dirt is by using an all-purpose cleaner. Mix one part soap into nine parts water before applying with a sponge or cloth. When finished, rinse completely with clean water. You can also purchase pre-mixed cleaners at home improvement stores for specific use on different surfaces like concrete or metal. For vinyl siding, basic dish soap mixed with cold water should get the job done!

2) Protect it

The best way to protect your siding is with painting or by adding fresh paint stripes. Vinyl siding is painted, so that means you have to paint it! By painting your vinyl siding, you are protecting it from the elements. When choosing exterior colors for your vinyl siding, stick with earth tones like tans and browns since they will hide stains better than brighter colors like red or yellow . Invest in a good quality paintbrush for best results when painting or staining vinyl siding. The bristles on a standard paintbrush are usually too dense and become misshapen over time from pressure during application leaving brush marks that make your home look worn out even though you’ve taken great care to maintain it! A good brush will lay down a smooth, even application of paint or stain every time.

3) Stains

If dirt does not come off with a simple soap and water mixture, an all-purpose cleaner may do the trick. To remove stubborn stains on vinyl siding, try mixing one part ammonia with two parts water in a spray bottle before applying directly to the stained area. Apply pressure using a scrub brush to remove the stains.

4) Insects and Pests 

Some insects may lay eggs on a home’s exterior, including vinyl siding. A good way to keep these pests at bay is by applying bug repellent periodically throughout the summer months. You can also cover your siding with netting or burlap fabric if you are planning an outdoor party or gathering where there will be lots of people coming in and out.

5) Weathering

One of the most important things about caring for exterior vinyl siding is water damage (or weather damage). If left untreated, water can cause cracks which could allow insects into homes, ruining both the structural integrity of the building as well as damaging electrical wiring inside walls that could result in house fires. Ask your contractor or repair person for advice on how to weatherproof your vinyl siding.

Remember: small steps taken daily will make a huge difference over time when it comes to keeping your vinyl siding looking new! With a little bit of work to keep dirt away and maintain your siding, you can save yourself both time and money in the long run.

The Benefits of Pressure Washing
The Benefits of Pressure Washing
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