what is soft wash roof cleaning

Soft wash roof cleaning is a safe process that uses biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove dirt and grime from roofs. The method is an ideal choice for a variety of reasons, including preventing health hazards associated with mold and fungi, preventing roof rot, and improving curb appeal. Professional soft wash roof cleaning services are available in Long Island, Westchester, and NYC.


Soft wash roof cleaning uses a low-pressure cleaning process and biocides to remove algae, moss, and other types of contaminants. These chemicals are both natural and laboratory-created, and kill living organisms while preserving the look of a roof. Soft wash roof cleaning is a very effective way to clean roofs without damaging the roof’s shingles.

The water used is a combination of surfactants and a strong detergent. Surfactants, such as sodium percarbonate, help the cleaning process by trapping dirt and other contaminants in the water. The surfactant also enhances the water’s ability to wash away the muck and prevents excessive runoff. Furthermore, this type of cleaning process is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Using soft wash roof cleaning is much safer than pressure washing. It requires no ladders or other roofing equipment, and it’s better for your home and surrounding area. It uses 90% less water than a high-pressure cleaning system, reducing the risk of flooding and damage to landscaping. It’s also a better option for roof cleaning if you are worried about black algae growth, a common problem with roofs. These algae feed on the limestone filler in shingles, which can damage the roof.

Unlike power washing, soft wash roof cleaning uses environmentally-friendly detergents. This method uses much less water than pressure washing, and uses biodegradable cleaning solutions that kill algae, moss, and mold.

Bio Cleanze

The process of soft wash roof cleaning with Bio Cleanze involves using a mixture of water and biocide in a 25:1 ratio. The solution flows between the lap joints, where lichens and moss can be found. A lack of treatment on this part of the roof can result in rapid recolonisation. The mixture should be left for at least sixty minutes to allow the biocide to work.

This type of solution is very effective for cleaning roof surfaces. It penetrates deeper than any other softwash solution and kills unsightly biofilm, which then naturally washes away. It is the most cost-effective way to soft wash a roof. It is also suitable for “Clean & Maintain” systems.

Bio Cleanze is the best choice for most types of roof surfaces, including slate. Because it penetrates deep, it does not require rinsing. However, if the roof is made of non-porous material, you may want to try the Lightning Cleanze, which is suitable for slate and smooth roof surfaces.

Biocide products are a spray and forget solution, and they are based on natural products. They work by killing algae and fungi. They are safe for plants and animals, but they are effective in the long-term. Because they are fully biodegradable, they are pH neutral and will work with natural weathering.

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