Can You Power Wash a Brick House or Building?

Brick homes and commercial buildings offer an upscale look, increased value and great protection on the property. To ensure the bricks on your building or home reach their true longevity and keep your building safe, occasional maintenance and cleaning is required. If your brick hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you may see green algae or black mildew growing on the bricks or in the grout lines. If that’s the case, you may be wondering if you can power wash the brick to clean it up.

Is Power Washing safe for brick?

Ultimately, the answer is yes. You can power wash brick homes and buildings. However, according to top construction companies and home inspectors, it is important to note that brick cannot sustain constant high pressure like concrete can. Older homes, 80 years or older, may not be able to handle any high pressure. If you are concerned about the age of the brick on your home or building, contact your local historical society to determine their recommendations for the cleaning. For homes less than 80 years old, it is best to use a low pressure or to contact a Soft Wash Professional in your area.

Will I Damage My Brick by Power Washing It?

Using too high of a pressure on your brick home could damage the grout, loosen bricks, or even crack bricks. When this happens, your home or commercial building becomes susceptible to more damage, water intrusion, or serious safety concerns due to its weakened state. It is important to use a low pressure nozzle if you are cleaning the home yourself.

How to Kill the Algae on my Brick?

Professional Soft Wash companies like Red Door Pro Wash, will use a biodegradable solution, called Sodium Hypochlorite, to kill the mildew and algae at the root level. If you want to remove the algae yourself, you can use a combination of chlorine bleach and warm water to gently scrub on the brick before power wash with your low pressure nozzle.

We always recommend calling a professional company if you are too busy, or unsure of the proper techniques to clean your home or commercial property. While power washing machines and cleaning chemicals are easy to acquire, a professional company will come with the proper training, safety measures, and the top of the line machines and chemicals to keep you and your home safe.

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