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Red Door Pro Wash offers top-notch paver sealing services in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Paver sealing is an essential part of maintaining the beauty and longevity of your pavers. Not only does it protect them from the harsh elements, but it also enhances their color and texture, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. Our skilled technicians use only the highest quality sealants to ensure maximum protection and durability, giving you the peace of mind that your investment is well-protected.

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When pavers are not sealed, the sand between them can shift and become an ideal environment for weeds and grass to grow. This not only ruins the appearance of your pavers but can also cause damage over time. With paver sealing, the sealant acts as a barrier to prevent weeds and grass from growing, keeping your pavers looking beautiful for years to come.

Sealed pavers are less likely to absorb dirt, oil, and other stains, making them easier to clean and maintain. This not only saves you time but also ensures that your pavers stay in pristine condition for longer.

Pavers that are not sealed are more susceptible to cracking, fading, and other forms of damage. Paver sealing provides a layer of protection that helps to keep your pavers looking like new for years to come, extending their lifespan and saving you money in the long run.

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You don’t want to waste your time calling a ton of companies, only to be left disappointed because they won’t answer the phone, return calls, or fail to show up when they say they will. Or, worse yet, they cause damage because they are not experienced. When it comes to paver sealing, Red Door Pro Wash is the clear choice in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Our team of experienced technicians uses only the highest quality sealants to ensure maximum protection and durability. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, and we are confident that you will be thrilled with the results of our work. So if you want to protect and enhance the beauty of your pavers, choose Red Door Pro Wash for all your paver sealing needs.

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In short, no the service isn’t expensive compared to replacing or repairing damage. Our prices are comparable to other service providers, and we’ll give you a fair deal. However, we are not the “cheapest” option. And I’m sure you don’t want that. The “cheapest” option sacrifices service or employee training. Do you want untrained or undertrained people working on your home? No? Me either. We’ve heard horror stories, and we get called a lot to fix mistakes or replace “no-shows”. In the end, you get what you pay for and we are here to serve our neighbors in the Fredericksburg, Ashland and Manassas areas.

We are based out of Fredericksburg, Virginia and serve clients in Stafford County, Spotsylvania County, King George County, Prince William County, Culpeper County, Orange County, Louisa County, and Hanover County.

At Red Door Pro Wash our residential services include House Washing, Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Guard Installation, Window Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning (sidewalks, pool decks, patios, etc.), Wood, Vinyl, and Composite Cleaning (decks, fences, etc.) Our commercial services include Building Washing, Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning (sidewalks, curbs and gutters, pool decks, patios, etc.), Wood, Vinyl, and Composite Cleaning (decks, fences, etc.)

Yes, we hold a valid business license and have full insurance on our vehicles and employees including worker’s compensation. This is extremely important because when our employees are working on your home or business, you are protected. An uninsured or even an underinsured person working on your property opens you up to liability.

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