best roof cleaner

A roof cleaner is a chemical product that is specially formulated to clean a home’s exterior. Its UV blocker and anti-fungal properties prevent the growth of mold, mildew and fungi. It is also safe for the environment and family members. It can remove black streaks and stains without the need for a pressure washer, which can damage the roofing materials. Another advantage of a roof cleaner is its non-acidic formula, which cleans surfaces without abrasion.

Wet and Forget

The Wet and Forget roof cleaner comes in a spray bottle that attaches to a hose. It can spray up to 30 feet, and can even reach second-story roofs and siding. It is effective on up to 2,000 square feet of roof and siding. A bottle covers up to 2,000 square feet of space.

The spray bottle comes with a nozzle that fits a garden hose. It sprays up to 30 feet and will treat stains without rinsing, scrubbing, or power washing. Because it attaches to the hose, you can use the Wet and Forget without climbing a ladder.

The Wet and Forget roof cleaner will remove algae, lichen, and mold from a roof without damaging it. It also prevents stains from recurring for up to a year. Unlike power washing, this cleaner will not damage the shingles.

GP66 Miracle Cleaner

GP66 is a powerful degreasing and cleaning solution designed specifically for tough cleaning jobs. It comes in a 16 oz. bottle and is NSF-approved. You can use it straight from the bottle, or dilute it for different surfaces. It can also be used for wet/dry cleaning.

One of the benefits of GP66 is that it doesn’t need hot water to clean. It is perfect for areas where hot water can cause burns. This cleaner also is suitable for cleaning stainless steel, polished aluminum and shiny paint. The product is also biodegradable. It can be used in food processing plants, and is OSHA-compliant.

ProtectAll Rubber Roof Cleaner 67128

ProtectAll Rubber Roof Cleaner 67128 is an economical and effective product for cleaning roofs. It is a non-abrasive formula that is effective without leaving water streaks or stains. The product can remove all kinds of stains, including bugs, brake dust, food stains, bird droppings, and more. In addition, it contains biodegradable ingredients that are safe for the environment. It is also free from harsh chemicals and petroleum distillates.

The ProtectAll Rubber Roof Cleaner is specifically formulated to effectively clean EPDM rubber roofs. It is non-abrasive and does not require rinsing. It is safe to use on all types of EPDM roofing systems. It is made in the USA and is a perfect choice for cleaning EPDM roofs.


The Dicor RPRC1GL roof cleaner is a powerful cleaning product for roofs. Its rinse-free formula helps save water and prolongs the clean look of your roof. It also contains a roof protectant that helps prevent stains and dust from adhering to your roof. The best part is that it won’t leave streaks or greasy residue.

The roof cleaner can also be used on many other surfaces, including fiberglass showers, painted wood, and vinyl or leather trim. It also contains citric ingredients which protect the membrane of the roof from damage. You can apply the cleaner using a sponge mop or a soft cloth.


EcoClean roof cleaner is an effective way to keep your roof and home looking clean and fresh. It is environmentally-friendly and is less wasteful than power washing. You can use it to keep your roof and property looking good year-round. It is also safe to use on your roof and is perfect for cleaning it after a storm or snowfall.

EcoClean roof cleaner has no harsh chemicals that will damage your roof or siding. It is a safe, chemical-free way to remove moss and algae on your roof. Its proprietary blend of surfactants will safely remove green and black stains. It is biodegradable and does not contain hazardous ingredients such as chlorine that could damage metal flashing and paint.

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