Pressure Washing Roof Tiles Can Make Your Home Look Newer and Brighter

Pressure Washing Roof Tiles

Pressure Washing Roof Tiles Can Make Your Home Look Newer and Brighter

Roof tiles collect dirt, debris, and grime quickly. Cleaning them can make your home look newer and brighter. Pressure washing roof tiles is a good way to keep them clean. But it is also a dangerous job for untrained people. It can cause damage to the roof, shingles, and other materials.

Mold and Algae

Mold and algae can grow in areas that are difficult to access with a garden hose, such as under roofing shingles and around roof eaves. They also thrive in damp, dark spaces where air and sunlight aren’t able to penetrate.

Over time, they can eat away at shingles and soften them, causing them to tear easily and lead to interior water leaks. They also reduce the reflective properties of a roof and can make it harder for air conditioners to cool down a home.

Pressure Washing Roof Tiles
Pressure Washing Roof Tiles

Moss, algae, and other contaminants on a home’s roof aren’t easy to remove with a regular hose or power washer. These fungi, bacteria, and other organic growths can degrade the quality of roofing materials and leave behind damaging storm residues that can leak inside your home.


When pressure washing roof tiles, it’s important to use the right chemicals. The wrong ones can actually damage your roof tiles and make them more porous, allowing mold to grow.

Sodium hypochlorite is a popular choice for many power washing contractors, as it’s a chlorine-based chemical that dissolves dirt, mildew, moss, and algae. However, this solution isn’t recommended for wood, stucco, concrete, glass, and asphalt shingles, so it’s best to choose another option instead.

Sodium hydroxide is another common cleaning chemical, but it’s best to only use it with a lot of physical agitation. It’s also more abrasive than sodium hypochlorite, so it’s not recommended for use on concrete or clay tiles. It can also dissolve the granules of asphalt-based shingles, which could loosen the bond between the shingles and their underlying asphalt.

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