soft wash roofs

If you’ve been considering soft washing your roof, you should know that the cost of the service will depend on the size of your home and how dirty your roof is. For instance, flat roofs require more time and effort to clean than slanted ones. Get an estimate before the work begins. Then, choose a company that has a good reputation and a low price.

Environmentally friendly method of roof cleaning

Soft wash roof cleaning is an environmentally friendly method that involves applying a special soap solution to the surface of a roof. This solution contains no harmful chemicals and is completely biodegradable. Additionally, it does not damage nearby trees or plants. Soft wash cleaning is also more affordable than traditional methods of cleaning roofs.

Using this method helps keep your roof clean and prevents moss, mold, and algae from growing on it. These types of organisms thrive in damp, dark, and low-sun conditions. The cleaners will prevent these harmful growths from damaging your roof and will extend its life.

Another advantage of soft wash roof cleaning is that it is safer than pressure washing. The low pressure of soft washing will not damage the surface. Because of the use of biocides, the water pressure is very low, which prevents damage to the surface. Soft wash cleaning removes the growth of algae and mould without damaging the surface.

Kills everything on the roof

A soft wash roof treatment is the best way to clean your roof, without damaging it. This method consists of applying a low-pressure solution of bleach to the roof surface. This solution is very effective at killing all the organisms on the roof. In addition, it leaves the surface clean and protected from further environmental assaults.

Soft wash roofs are safer and more effective than power washing, as they kill lichen, algae, fungus, and moss. This process is ideal if you’d like to prevent expensive roof damage, avoid homeowner’s insurance problems, prevent roof rot, and improve curb appeal. A professional fleet of soft-washing vehicles service the NYC area, Long Island, and Nassau County.

Does not void roof warranty

If you want to protect your roof from the risks of a blown-off roof, soft wash your roof regularly. The warranty covers most aspects of roof maintenance, except for major work. This includes penetration and shingle removal. Skylights are another example of major work that can void the warranty. They require drilling into the roof and can result in leaks and other issues. If you decide to install skylights on your roof, you should discuss this with your roofing technician before you begin the project. Other things that may void the warranty are improper installation, improper maintenance, and new roofing contractors.

Soft washing is a great way to kill algae and other organisms on your roof, but it’s important to remember that you should only use a low-pressure cleaner, equivalent to a garden hose. That way, you won’t damage your roof and void your warranty. Using the right soft-washing solution can protect your roof and keep it looking great for years to come. Algae is a common problem on roofs. It can make your shingles appear dirty and leave a black streak on the surface.


Soft wash roof cleaning is becoming a popular option for homeowners wanting to maintain their roofs. It is an environmentally safe, cost-effective method that won’t harm the roofing material and is safer than other methods. The cost of soft wash roof cleaning will depend on the size of the roof and the complexity of the job, but it can range anywhere from two hundred to six hundred dollars.

Soft wash roofs cost depends on how complicated the roof is and how much time it takes to clean it. Typically, steep roofs require more time to clean, and this will result in a higher price tag. Additionally, the amount of labor required will affect the price. Many homeowners set their own prices for soft wash roof cleaning.

Chemicals used

Soft washing roofs involves using chemical agents to remove algae, fungi, and other stains. These compounds kill the living organisms and prevent the growth of new ones. Some of these agents contain soaps as additional surfactants. However, it is important to use caution when handling these chemicals as they may be toxic to plants.

There are many different kinds of chemical agents that are used for soft washing. Selecting the right one for your particular needs is vital to avoid any potential injuries and damage to your roof. Chemicals used for soft washing roofs are different from household detergents. Some of them contain chlorine, which acts as a bleaching agent. These products can be diluted to create a solution that is effective at cleaning the roof without damaging it.

To use these products safely, make sure that you follow all manufacturer instructions. Sodium hypochlorite (TSP) is a powerful chemical that is 40% stronger than other chemicals. You should dilute it with three parts water to create a soft wash solution. You should then spray the mixture on the roof and allow it to work for 10 minutes.

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