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What is Soft Wash?

Soft wash uses low pressure to spray a water-based chemical solution that dissolves and breaks down dirt and debris on your home’s exterior. This chemical solution also contains bleach, which kills fungus, mildew, algae and other organic growth at the molecular level.

It’s safer than power washing, and it doesn’t damage your home’s surfaces. However, it’s important to use the right chemicals for your home’s needs.

It’s safer than power washing

Soft wash is an exterior cleaning method that uses water sprayed with low pressure and cleaners containing bleach to kill organic contaminants like mold, mildew, and algae on a molecular level. It also eliminates stains that can be left behind by power washing.

Soft Wash
Soft Wash

While power washing is an effective way to remove rust, grime, and dirt from a variety of surfaces, it can cause damage to roofing, siding, and other materials if done improperly. Moreover, it can also lead to holes in your home’s exterior if you use the wrong type of power washer nozzle.

When you hire a professional, they’ll use the right type of equipment and detergents to clean your home safely. They’ll know exactly which cleaning solution is best for your particular surfaces, and they’ll do the job faster so you don’t have to wait as long to enjoy your freshly-cleaned home. And they’ll do it more efficiently, so you can save money on your water bill!

It’s more environmentally friendly

The cleaners used in soft wash are made from biodegradable chemicals, which means that they’re safe for the environment. These chemicals will degrade within twenty days, leaving no residue behind.

Another reason why soft washing is more environmentally friendly is that it doesn’t use as much water as power washing. This reduces the risk of damaging your landscaping and harming local wildlife.

It’s also safer than pressure washing because it doesn’t require scraping surfaces. Instead, it uses low-pressure water to get rid of dirt, grime, and other build-up.

It’s best to hire a professional for your soft wash so that they can complete it safely and effectively. They will know how to use the right pressure and chemicals to achieve the best results. They can also help you choose the right chemicals for your specific needs.

Soft Wash
Soft Wash

It’s more affordable

Unlike power washing, soft wash does not require harsh chemicals or high-pressure water. Rather, it uses water mixed with cleaning solutions that are biodegradable and eco-friendly. These cleaning solutions can remove mold, mildew, algae, dirt, and other contaminants that may lead to health issues in your home or family members.

Moreover, it’s less likely to damage your home or landscaping since it uses low pressure. In addition, it’s safer to use than power washing, as it doesn’t require ladders. In case you decide to do it yourself, make sure to read the instructions and safety warnings before applying any chemicals to your home. In addition, you should wear protective gear to prevent inhaling or coming into contact with the chemicals. It’s also important to consider the costs of equipment and supplies when you compare the two options. This will help you determine if soft wash is right for you. It’s definitely an effective way to clean your house and extend its lifespan.

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